Newspaper Publishers

Completed over three hundred consulting engagements for Publishers in the area of home delivery subscription pricing and revenue enhancement. Engagements have included the following:

  • New-customer price elasticity – Data on current, former, and non-customers is applied in an economic model to estimate the influence of offer price, offer lengths, premiums and several other factors on the tendency for customers to subscribe to the paper and at what service frequency. These results are used to develop target offers for new customer starts.
  • Existing-customer price sensitivity – Utilizing monthly transaction data, completed analyses of customer retention to understand the influence of several variables, including renewal prices, competitor pricing, and market penetration on retention rates. The conclusions are applied in the development of renewal offers for existing customers.
  • Pricing strategy development – Data on incremental costs, including production, delivery, and acquisition costs, are combined with circulation and advertising revenues to measure gross profit by customer. This analysis supports the creation of a home delivery discounting strategy designed to maximize the return from each paper’s incentive budget.

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