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INMA Webinar – Newsday’s Predictive Data Analytics Driving Subscriber Retention

On Thursday, February 2, Brendan Meany of Mather Economics will serve as a panelist for the INMA Predictive Data Analytics Driving Subscriber Retention Webinar, hosted by Patrick Tornabene of Newsday.
Here, Patrick will provide insight into leveraging the advanced predictive analytical tools of churn and persuasion modeling, including case studies on practical data-enabled strategies and applications that are delivering significant gains in retention and revenue for Newsday.
Additional panelists will include, Ned Kaufman and Erik Zenhausern both of Newsday.


The role of data in subscription pricing

Data analysis is evident in consumer economics and directly impacts our daily lives.  The same is true in the publishing industry.  In a recently published article for the CNPA (California Newspaper Publishers Association), Matthew Lulay discusses the growing use of data in publishing and how it is used in the subscription pricing process. View the full article here.


Mather Webinar-Budgeting 2017: Listener™ & Digital Analytics

Join us on Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016 2:00 PM EDT for the 3rd of our webinar series. Learn how Mather Economics can help you with digital product offerings, including Listener™, its Dashboard capability, predictive analytics, identity resolution and more at this third in a three-webinar series. The Mather team will explain how it uses digital data for dynamic metering, targeted email campaigns and targeted advertising using a publisher’s own data.
Register here.


Mather Economics: Webinar Announcement

Mather Economics is pleased to announce a webinar series taking place in August and September covering a variety of topics you might find valuable for consideration in your 2017 budget.
Our first webinar in the series will be Wednesday, 8/24 at 3:00 pm EDT and will cover the Mather Audience Revenue Budget Tool.   This model is currently used by many of our clients and provides accurate revenue modeling and ongoing forecasting.  The Revenue Budget Tool includes all facets of your subscriber revenue,


Yield Management Using Web Analytics in Publishing

In a recently published article in Web Analytics World, (read the article here) Matt Lindsay discusses how yield management techniques can be applied to the data now available to digital publishers. Insights gained through analysis of this valuable data can be used to optimize the trade-offs between customer subscription revenues and digital advertising revenues, and identify targeted content for customers that will enhance their overall experience and increase retention and loyalty.

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