Leveraging data collected from new and legacy business applications to improve business performance is an enormous opportunity available to corporations today. Applied econometric models use operating data to segment customers, estimate demand for products, measure price elasticity, forecast sales and revenue, and increase operating margins.

Mather Economics can use your data to answer the tough questions facing your business. Our econometric models can be used to analyze market trends, the variables driving growth, and the effect of price changes on sales and revenue.  We have developed thousands of econometric models across various industries for our clients.  Our experience includes Economic Impact Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Economic Feasibility Studies, Yield Management Pricing Processes, Marketing Effectiveness Studies, Times-Series Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, Marginal Cost Estimation, Customer Retention Analysis and Ecosystem Valuation.

our econometric model experience includes:

  • Marginal cost estimation
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Market Based Pricing
  • Marketing Effectiveness Studies
  • Times-Series Analysis
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Marginal Cost Estimation
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Own-price and cross-price elasticity measurement
  • Customer retention analysis
  • Discrete choice models
  • Predictive Ordering models
  • Advanced Segmentation Studies

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