Pricing is the moment of truth – all of marketing comes to focus in the pricing decision

Pricing strategy and analysis is an enormous opportunity for many companies to increase profitability. The reason is that pricing for many years has been difficult to do well. Developments in data capture and storage, software applications, and analytical approaches now enable companies to bring information to bear on the pricing decision that was not possible before.

Mather Economics has more than 18 years experience in pricing analysis and strategy development across several industries.

We employ a comprehensive, collaborative approach designed to combine a client’s industry and institutional knowledge with an understanding of incremental costs, customer segmentation, regulatory and legal restrictions, price elasticity, and likely competitive response to select prices that increase operating margins.

We are committed to developing actionable recommendations that reflect current constraints, business processes, and existing customer relationships. Our experience working as economists in industry, as consultants and in academics, enable us to provide powerful solutions that add substantial value at minimal cost.

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