Print Advertising

Mather offers Print Advertising Optimization for our clients.  We help clients increase advertising revenue without causing advertising volume losses.  Additionally, we have improved the distribution of advertisements throughout the print product through pricing incentives and optimized pricing incentives to grow bundled print and digital advertising contracts.

Our analytics include an econometric analysis of past advertising contracts to measure price elasticity by line of business.  With these findings we can identify optimal advertising prices by line of business, day of the week, and section of the paper.  Other advantages include:  adjusting the rate card on a periodic basis based on current advertising sales data and developing bundles of advertising products to increase sales.

Mather will develop a testing approach for validating and optimizing advertising pricing and test price elasticity through stratified random test and control groups.

Digital Advertising

To optimize digital advertising pricing, Mather Economics analyzes historical digital advertising contracts to measure price elasticity by advertising segment.  We can look at historical sell-through rates at points in time prior to delivery of the impressions to develop a benchmark “selling path”.  This will enable a comparison of current sales with historical sales at these points in time to guide pricing decisions.  An analysis of the complete audience – both digital and print – will enable compelling advertising bundling options.

Mather is positioned to capture data on digital advertising contracts:  impressions delivered, cost-per-thousand, contract start and end dates, targeted/guaranteed status, and others, as well as capture data on website traffic:  unique visitors, page views, and others.

Our process includes appending customer data to digital advertising contracts – AISC codes, print advertising account information, analyzing the data by advertising category segment and measuring price elasticity.

With Mather’s comprehensive econometric model our clients receive recommended advertising pricing levels for digital advertising categories with associated bundle prices and pricing incentives and circulation management reporting programs that provide weekly updates of order volume, average rate and other meaningful performance metrics versus goal and control group performance.

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