Print Subscription Pricing

Mather provides a complete analysis of print home delivery circulation pricing for our clients and we apply the findings in Mather Economics’ yield-management program that maximizes operating margins.  A product of this analysis will be an economic model to be created by Mather Economics that measures the influence of individual factors on subscriber retention, including renewal prices, service type, demographic information (e.g., income, education, geography), and EZpay status, among others.  Once a retention model is complete, an algorithm for suggesting renewal prices will be developed by Mather that balances operating margins with retention.  The selection of renewal prices for each home delivery account based upon their unique characteristics enables our clients to increase circulation revenue while maintaining home delivery subscription volumes.  We will employ econometric models as well as target and control groups to test the effect of pricing on home delivery revenue and circulation levels.

Digital Audience Pricing

You don’t have to make the digital jump alone. Mather will help you ask and answer the right questions about your increasing digital audience in order to find the best practice and strategy for handling your digital content. Setting effective digital prices can minimize the number of page views you have at risk, and even bring innovation and improvements to your print business.

Mather analyzes digital subscription pricing, digital advertising revenue, the number of accounts that reach the pay wall, and the percentage of accepted digital subscription offers.  Using these data, Mather Economics will suggest the pricing strategy and price points that maximize revenue from digital subscriptions.  In addition, we work with our clients to develop bundle prices that maximize total circulation revenue.  Mather Economics will also identify ways to acquire digital-only subscribers through analysis of web traffic, former print subscribers, and other non-subscribers that would be likely to accept digital-only subscription offers.


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