Media Reader Revenue Master Class Series

Magazine Media are in the throes of building, expanding and optimizing their reader revenue businesses. Some magazine companies and many news media companies are already driving millions of dollars in revenue by creating business units devoted to subscription strategies, products, user experiences, data-driven experiments and reader loyalty.

The webinar series explored the three pillars of reader revenue: Acquisition, Engagement and Retention, using detailed case studies and expertise as the foundation for every topic.

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WEBINAR 1, Acquisition: 19 August, 2020

Successful reader acquisition demands a delicate balance between strategy and data-driven implementation.

In this webinar, participants learned how to determine the right subscription acquisition strategy for their company, and how to apply tried-and-true, data-driven principles every step of the way. The objectives are to acquire new customers and then to drive engagement and lifetime value, while stemming churn.




WEBINAR 2, Engagement: September 16, 2020

Successful reader engagement requires the ability to use user data to identify the most loyal users who have the highest potential for lifetime value. These data can be used to identify and target the best content for each individual user, enabling retention in the future.

In this webinar, participants learned how to drive higher engagement among users for their company, and apply data-driven targeting to ensure retention. The objectives are to drive loyalty and reduce churn.



WEBINAR 3, Retention: October 14, 2020

Reader data informs successful subscription retention. The objective is to circumvent churn in the first place, and leverage data-driven propensity modeling to identify best customers and customers likely to churn. This strategy buys time to ensure loyal customers stay, and to convince customers who are likely to churn to remain.

In this webinar, participants learned how to leverage reader data to drive higher retention rates among users for their company, and to create successful marketing campaigns and relevant content in order to maintain and grow subscription numbers.



Thank you to Martha Stone, CEO, World Newsmedia Network for moderating all of our sessions and a special shoutout to FIPP Media / James Hewes for hosting us!

Congratulations to the following people that have completed all three sessions in Media Reader Revenue.


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