Special Report – 2020 Election Coverage Insights

Election Coverage Contributes 18% of Subscription Path to Conversion
Published November 2020

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By using a metric that is 100% aligned with subscription growth, Mather Economics can conclude that investment in journalism is not only the core mission for publishers, but is wholly aligned with the value proposition for paying subscribers.

The “Path to conversion” metric measures every article read before a user subscribers over a 30-day period. not surprisingly, election content was a driving factor on the path to conversion in the last two months.

This industry report summarizes broad trends on impactful election content and best practices across the industry. 


 Election coverage accounts for 12% of content during Oct – Nov but impacts 18% of the path to conversion.

  Unique story-telling formats (particularly candidate endorsements and voter guides) account for 36% the election content impact.

Mather Economics works with hundreds of publishers around the world to grow revenues, increase subscription levels, optimize operations, and transform businesses.

To learn more about the latest Election Insights, reach out to Katherine Ruane, Senior Manager of Digital Services or Arvid Tchivzhel, Managing Director of Digital Services.


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