Mather Economics Media Market Performance Report

Frequently Asked Questions 

A guide for clients using Mather Pricing Reports 

  • How can I toggle markets? 

On the cover page, there is a drop-down menu that will allow you to select which market you would like to use. This will change the market filter throughout the report, but there are also drop-down menus on each page of the report if you would like to change the market filter while viewing a specific page. Multiple markets cannot be viewed at the same time. 

  • What is Incremental Revenue? 

Incremental revenue is revenue that is the direct result of a price increase. IE. New rate – old rate.  

  • What do each of the outcomes mean? 

There are different outcomes shown in the report for subscribers that were targeted for a price increase. Migrated means that the subscriber accepted the new, increased price, for the same service level. Incremental stops are those who stopped their service altogether as a result of a price increase. Reverts are subscribers who didn’t accept the full rate increase, and went to another rate. Service changes were subscribers who changed their subscription delivery days as a result of a price increase. Base stops are subscribers who stopped their service altogether for a reason outside of a price increase.  

  • I’m having trouble understanding the benchmarks. 

The benchmarks are broken down to show the total effectiveness of your pricing campaigns. For each measurement there is a slider visual, with a specific scale designed to show how well a pricing campaign went. If the measurement is to the right of the benchmark, that is considered a “healthy” measurement. If it is to the left of the benchmark, it could use some work. The benchmark page is followed by line graphs, so you can view the performance of the measurements over time, and broken down by delivery schedule. 

  • Some of the retention metrics are blank.   

This is due to a lack of data for that specific breakout, either because you don’t offer the service, or you haven’t sent data on the service to us, or we haven’t yet incorporated that data on our end. For example, if the digital retention breakout is missing for Retention By Service then we likely don’t have data on digital only subscribers for one of these reasons. If this appears to be a mistake, please reach out so we can get it fixed.  

  • Can I download the data for this report? 

Due to the design of our benchmark measurements, which includes data from our other clients, we cannot allow users to download the data from this report. 

  • How does the circulation flash tab work? 

Circulation Flash is designed to show you the overall make up of each market, and summarized measurements, over time. It shows the number of subscribers and their average rate, which make up total revenue, over the reporting period.

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