New Tool Takes DTC to the Next Level

Wineries possess the information needed to make intelligent, data-driven pricing decisions.  The only piece missing is the expertise and experience to unlock the potential of this data to drive revenue and optimize inventory management.

At Mather Economics, we believe that insights are meaningless if they are not actionable, which is why our team of economists have focused on building a pricing and inventory management tool. The new depletion optimization tool is helping wineries understand the price elasticity of their wines, optimize prices for new releases and provides valuable inventory scenario planning capabilities. 

Implement the Depletion Optimization Tool Today

This dashboard enables winery executives to make informed decisions based on fact-based insights. These decisions can include segmenting customers, increasing brand focus, optimizing pricing strategies, designing sales for look-alike customers, forecasting sales and revenue, and much more.

Among the dashboard’s features are:

  • 360-degree view of a varietal’s historical inventory depletion velocity across a winery’s entire portfolio
  • Estimation of price sensitivity by varietal
  • Comparisons of performance year-over-year or for any historical trend
  • Projections for incremental sales
  • Ability to quantify and forecast revenue and inventory impacts by adjusting prices


Featured in Wine Business Monthly

Vendors Add New Tools

In early April, Mather announced the release of a depletion optimization tool that it claims will help wineries set DTC prices, improve inventory management, assess marketing efforts and better manage cash flow. That new tool is one of several recent innovations by vendors to help wineries manage the dramatic increase in DTC business.

Mather was featured in Wine Business Monthly July edition for our most recent success in partnering with Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles California.

Denner's general manager, Carole Rounsaville said the company helped her team study former wine club members and then put together an outreach effort to entice them back. The company also ran an analysis on existing members most likely to quit that was a basis for a separate outreach effort and she said another project was a thorough analysis of the winery’s pricing structure.


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