DTC “Micro Campaign” Tools

Prevent Customer Churn and Generate Revenue with DTC “Micro Campaign” Tools 

The most successful wineries segment their customer lists into “micro campaigns” to prevent wine club member churn, to solicit former club members for reacquisition, to find new club members from your past e-commerce buyers, and to drive incremental e-commerce sales.

Segment quality means successful campaigns so using predictive modeling to correctly identify the drivers of churn or characteristics most related to acquiring new club members is critical to segment building.

Mather Economics begins by examining the historical sales data of your current and former customers and, using a variety of econometric models, scores each customer’s risk of churn and propensity to be acquired or make additional purchases outside of your wine club. From this information we provide a number of options to help wineries make this data actionable including:

  • a robust self-serve tool that includes pre-built segments and the ability for the user to quickly build and export their own micro-segments
  • the capacity for our economists/ data scientist to consult with you and build custom campaigns
  • and A-B testing using a statistical valid control group to measure the true impact of each campaign.

Below are a couple of screen shots from the tool and reporting platform for your review—but there is much more to see in a full demo!  





Connect with us to see a demo of our current DTC tools, review recent case studies, or hear more about our work in the Wholesale space.

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