Featuring new wine partner: Villa Creek Cellars

This month, meet one of our new wine partners Villa Creek Cellars MAHA Estate. We are excited to welcome them to the Mather family!

Meet Cris Cherry

We met Cris Cherry, owner of Villa Creek Cellars, about a year ago through another wine partner and immediately hit it off. We really love people who are passionate about wine and understand the value of data! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… they have a great story and great wines!

Cris Cherry, Owner / Wine Maker
Villa Creek Cellars

The Villa Creek story starts in 1996 when Cris and his family moved to Paso Robles CA with a dream of making great wine.  Cris was able to establish the Villa Creek label in 2001 with a clear vision to understand how nature influences making the finest wines.


“The past holds both heart and history, boldly decorating the landscape of what’s to come.”

Cris is loyal to the natural surroundings and seeks to understand them rather than control them. He treats the farm like the living, breathing organism that it is with sixty acres surrounded by oak forests and chaparral, fed by mountain springs and seasonal creeks, and teaming with wildlife.  A majestic property that rises in elevation from 1500 ft to 1800 ft (450 m to 550 m) above sea level, and feels the subtle sway of the ocean’s influence.

They steward the land by embracing biodiversity with a flock of sheep that roam the vineyard in winter and spring, until buds break, nibbling on grass and fertilizing as they go.  With the help of their three Anatolian-Pyrenees, they protect the sheep from mountain lions and coyotes, and safeguard the grapes from birds and ground squirrels. Chickens, pigs and goats rotate through our pastures, bringing balance to the soil and surroundings.  They facilitate the existence of diverse flora and fauna in service of making great wines.

If you like great wine, incredible views and one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet, then be sure to stop in and say hello to Cris and his team whenever you find yourself in the Paso Robles area.

805.712.8038 (Villa Creek Cellars office and tasting room)

MAHA email: info@mahaestatewine.com

Villa Creek email: wine@villacreek.com

5995 Peachy Canyon Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446

How Mather Helps

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“Villa Creek, found along the Peachy Canyon Road corridor, is arguably one of the finest Rhône-style wine producers in the United States. Winemaker/owner Cris Cherry consistently produces wines of beauty, balance and character at his organically farmed estate.
R.H. Drexel: Paso Robles: The Ideal Wine Country Getaway, August, 2021


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