Ken Irwin

Vice President

Ken Irwin has over 30 years’ experience in the gaming industry. Some of the lottery and gaming companies Ken has worked with in the past include Scientific Games, Berkshire Hathaway, SCA Promotions, Diamond Game, Française des Jeux (FDJ — French Lottery). Ken’s previous work included the development of new lottery technologies that resulted in over $80,000,000 in additional direct revenue for Scientific Games.

Ken has an extensive technical background and is named on 53 issued patents (mostly related to the lottery and gaming industry) and is also named on another 30+ pending patents. Some of Ken’s developed pioneering technology includes introduction of instant ticket keyless validation; generation and printing of digital signatures on draw game tickets thereby enabling printing of draw game tickets on plain paper; architected, developed, managed, and operated secure wagering system for SCA/Berkshire Hathaway enabling televised billionaire drawing; conceived and developed patented optical steganography system for keyless validation now used by the Française des Jeux.

Lottery & Gaming Solutions include:

Computer Programming
Payment Systems
Printing Services and Systems
Data Analysis
Probability Systems

Engineering Services
Program Development
Gaming Systems
Lottery and Gaming Electronics
System Security
Random Number Generation
Patent Generation and Execution

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