Mather’s insights from media mixed-modeling enable the efficient allocation of marketing investments across channels to maximize sales levels for a given marketing budget. These models also provide insight into the right mix of brand promotion versus sales promotions. Media mixed-modeling measures the lift from marketing and advertising campaigns to determine how various channels contribute to sales volume growth using econometric regression to move beyond single-point attribution.

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Improve profitability through the payout level and identify driving sales forces for your organization
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Build customer-focused campaigns to maximize sales
Align your advertising inventory sales to create organizational growth
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Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
Matthew Lulay, MS
Senior Director, Consulting Services
Luke Boutwell, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Special Projects
"Without data and insights from Mather Economics, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle for modern journalism, which may handicap your chances for success"
Mark Francescutti Director,
Digital Marketing Operations and Engagement
The Dallas Morning News
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