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Mather works with your team to make your data actionable by identifying customer value, using econometric models to predict purchase behavior, implementing strategic initiatives and providing detailed reporting to validate successful outcomes.

Customer Lifetime Value

Know the value of your consumers. Let Mather Economics help you do more than just apply past sales revenue to a customer. Using a data-driven approach, our team will help you apply a valuation and measure profitability of each consumer that is active on your site as well as identify specific characteristics that lead to higher valued customers.


Whether you are tracking loss of customer engagement, reduced purchase activity, or the lapse of a site membership, there are behavioral indicators that can help you to anticipate this event. Use predictive analytics to get a better understanding of the likelihood that a member will end/fail to renew membership. Apply targeted initiatives to re-engage customers early on to avoid the loss.

Revenue Forecasting

Mather’s Revenue Forecasting products give all types of retailers the tools to accurately predict revenues based on a variety of inputs. Mather’s forecasting tools take a “bottom-up” approach based on granular detail, which then lead to high-level revenue estimates. This allows for strategic scenario modeling, which allows the retailer to see the impact associated with changing inputs.

Acquisition / Reacquisition

Are free products, email campaigns, and newsletters linked to new account sign ups? Are most first-time sign-ups related to specific events or product types? Answer these questions easily with customized reports showing trends in your data. Use conversion funnels to better understand what paths are leading to site membership.


Listener™ allows site tracking at the event level. The information provided will not be sampled and can be linked to other customer specific data to gain the full picture of what is occurring on your site. With Listener, you can link your online and offline data to provide detailed transaction reporting, track cart abandonment on the site, re-engage customers, track customer behavior and product preferences, and expand your abilities by knowing more about your site.

Case Studies

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