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Mather Economics conducts customized, in-depth economic research and analyses from conception to completion to measure the impact of environmental changes, providing an estimate of economic return for conservation and restoration programs.

Ecosystem Service Valuation

We conduct site-specific ecosystem service valuation to estimate the economic impact resulting from a change in environmental quality. These values are used for project prioritization, regulatory compliance, litigation, and environmental advocacy. We have experience and expertise analyzing and valuing ecosystem services across a variety of ecosystems for application in diverse contexts. These analyses provide economic value estimates that can make the economic case for or against an environmental policy or project.

Environmental & Economic Policy Analysis

We conduct policy analysis that reveals the broad economic impact of larger environmental initiatives. Our analyses estimate the impact of environmental policies and projects on local or regional economies, including effects on economic growth and employment. Analyses can encompass entire regions, or be focused on specific industries such as tourism, real estate, agriculture, commercial fishing, and energy production. The results of such analyses provide insight into the total impact of environmental policy on the economy.

Natural Hazard Economic Vulnerability Assessment

We conduct economic assessments of a locations’ risk of economic damages from natural hazards such as hurricanes, blizzards, and floods. These vulnerability estimates can be used for financial planning by businesses, industries, governments, and non-profit organizations, and can inform development and insurance policies. Our analyses are actuarially sound and are customized to meet the objectives of our clients.

Customized Environmental Analysis

We offer analytical and economic research services that are adapted to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. Our approach involves extensive literature review, interviews, data collection and analysis, economic modeling, and publication and presentation of findings, and our methods are rigorously evaluated to ensure our results are fact-based and validated in a manner comparable to peer-reviewed research.

Case Studies

Regional Economic Analysis of Job Creation in the Gulf Coast

Measuring the Economic Benefits of America's Everglades Restoration: An Economic Evaluation of Ecosystem Services affiliated with the World's Largest Ecosystem Restoration Project

Estimating the Economic Impact of Restored Coastal Ecosystems in Louisiana

Wastewater Residuals Disposal Service Provider


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