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From strategic analysis through testing, implementation, and performance reporting, we take pride in providing turn-key solutions that can deliver significant
return-on-investment from business analytics.

Market-Based Pricing

We can apply analytics to develop targeted revenue models for your customer segments. Identifying how best to derive revenue from the services you provide your customers, both commercial and retail, results in higher customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, and improved profitability. Moving away from a one-size-fits-all relationship with your customers enables better service delivery and builds long-term trust.

Customer Lifetime Value

We can measure the value of each customer relationship to your business and identify the effect of different strategies on that value. Customer Lifetime Value provides a robust framework for evaluating customer relationship strategies and tactics from a dynamic volume and revenue perspective. Companies can use this tool to allocate scarce resources and maximize their return on customer investments.


Customer analytics can identify customers who are most likely to close their accounts. Our team can help you develop accurate churn models and develop strategies to preemptively mitigate this churn risk through targeted retention campaigns. We also provide testing and performance reporting services.

Revenue Forecasting

Dynamic customer relationship management can add complexity to your revenue model. Our team can assist you with forecasting revenue under different pricing strategies and tactics. We can also provide reports to compare actual revenue and customer volumes to forecasts. Early identification of variations from targets makes adjustments easier to implement and more effective.


Analyzing former customers to identify attractive, profitable targets for reacquisition is an under-utilized strategy for financial services companies. These potential customers can be modeled using data from prior interactions, and they can be targeted using more personalized and effective campaigns. Not all former customers are desirable candidates for reacquisition. Identifying which ones are and are not desirable in advance can save you time and resources.


The digital transformation of customer interaction and relationships has created a need for new data capture and analytics technologies and approaches. We have developed a toolset for digital customer analytics called Listener™ that combines data from multiple digital sources into a single holistic customer record. Analytics and reporting modules then utilize the data to implement value-adding campaigns.

Case Studies

A regional bank based in the Southeast

Multinational Financial Services Firm


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