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We understand that analytics is only useful when the insights are actionable. Because of that, our focus is on combining state-of-the-art econometric approaches with tools that expedite profit growth.

Payout Level and Prize Structure Optimization

We apply analytics to develop targeted revenue models for your customer segments. Identifying how best to derive revenue from the services you provide your customers, both commercial and retail, results in higher customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, and improved profitability. Moving away from a one-size-fits-all relationship with your customers enables better service delivery and builds long-term trust with your customers.

Retailer Segmentation

Retailer Segmentation groups retailers into categories based on operating history. To do this, we first identify the driving forces behind retailer sales, quantify the impact on sales from each of those indicators, and categorize retailers based on the relative levels of these attributes.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management provides accurate forecasts of ticket sales by week for each game on sale to reduce sellouts and returns from retailers, which contribute significantly to lottery expenses. Sales forecasts are built using an econometric approach to predict sales from past lottery transaction data.

Case Studies

Prize Structure Optimization

Instant Lottery Game Manufacturer


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