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“Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.” – Peter Drucker
Mather Economics provides all the necessary inputs to ensure that data is analyzed in a way that uncovers opportunities and encourages learning and action. Without a consistent, operationalized process to use and learn

Market-Based Pricing - SAS Pricing

Emphasizing a focus on the value that users place on the product is critical to establishing pricing. Managing revenues and profitability at a user-level leads to long-term profitable growth.

Customer Lifetime Value

Using Customer Lifetime Value as the lens through which you build your product will align goals between yourself and your users. Awareness of each user’s lifetime value will facilitate taking the right actions at the right time with the right user.


Understanding the drivers of user churn is the first step to preventing it. Far fewer users are lost due to price than you would expect. Pinpointing the true causes of user loss allows you to intervene and reduce the impact and cost of churning users.

Revenue Forecasting

Revenue forecasting provides an overview of your income streams while also predicting future recurring revenue, and adjusting these forecasts on an ongoing basis to enable informed decision-making.


Targeted reacquisition is critical to get the most of your acquisition budget, and ensure your efforts are aimed at the right population of users.


Your retail website traffic offers a wealth of information. Listener™ helps you make the most of it by capturing data that provide insights into customer behavior and the means to capitalize on those insights. With Listener, detailed data are kept on all users which provides retailers with the information necessary to target customers through a variety of mediums. These data can inform email campaigns, ad campaigns, modal windows, and other means of customer communication, all of which can be tailored to target individual users.

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