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What is Listener and How Does it Work?

Listener is a modern data platform that delivers results by helping to grow and monetize your audience as well as provide cutting-edge metrics for content production. Data-driven audience segments identify users across the value spectrum from flybys to moderately engaged customers who need nurturing, to those who are willing to pay if given the right offer. The analytics are made actionable through your existing fulfillment systems, such as paywalls, ad servers, and email platforms. Mather supplies the data, the intelligence, the data scientists, A/B testing, and recommendations to help you leverage the advanced analytics used by industry leaders at a fraction of the price, and the time, of buying these resources separately.

Many sites are slowed down by multiple tracking systems that capture duplicative data, that are not yielding actionable intelligence, and are siloed from the rest of your data. Nearly every digitally focused company is facing this issue. Listener solves this problem by integrating with ad servers, content management systems, paywalls, e-commerce engines, email systems, data management platforms, marketing hubs, and even homegrown systems. Data is captured from key systems to analyze audience and content data holistically and then connected to systems that execute campaigns, marketing, and targeted actions.

Services We Offer

Data alone has limited value. Listener offers a suite of predictive analytics and data scientists focused on turning that data into actionable items and real results. Our industry experts have a wealth of experience in partnering with leading brands to identify custom strategy, measurable goals, and precise tactics to deliver value.

Case Studies

Audience Package - Digital Acquisition Campaign Using First Party Data

Data Science as a Service / Acquisition / Audience Package + : Subscriber Conversion

Audience Package Premium: First-Party Data

Content Economics

Audience Package Premium: User Clustering

Audience Package - Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition

Intelligent Paywall

Cart Abandonment (Audience Package)


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