2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference

Don’t miss this compelling program, “How Publishers Apply Predictive Analytics to Manage the Customer Lifecycle”, at the 2019 Key-Executives Mega-Conference!

On the opening afternoon of the Mega-Conference, learn about the lifecycle of a customer – from a first-time visitor to a loyal paid subscriber. Hear from industry leaders on their successes and best practices in applying data and analytics to their print and digital audience. Other hot topics will include propensity scoring, segmentation, personalization and churn prevention.


Matthew Lulay of Mather Economics will facilitate the “churn” discussion. He says: “In this session, leading media executives will share tactics for reducing churn and show how leveraging data and predictive analytics can boost engagement and retention. Learn how the close integration of analytics, editorial and circulation efforts can lift your bottom line.”


Brian Howell of The San Diego Union-Tribune, Jim Gorman of the Philadelphia Media Network and Arvid Tchivzhel, also of Mather, then will discuss the “digital lifecycle” with Ann Poe of Advance Local.


“Retention begins on the day a subscription is sold,” Poe says, “and having the ability to predict what action a subscriber will take based on analytics is key to managing and understanding how customers’ behavior impact the bottom line.”


Tchivzhel, Senior Director of Product Development at Mather Economics, said: “Successful customer lifecycle management in the modern media environment means blending art and science. Leaders from the qualitative and creative side – such as the newsroom and marketing teams – must work together with data scientists and technology teams. Removing silos and aligning functional teams toward a customer-centric common goal is the future of news media.”


Gorman, Director of Circulation Sales/Audience with the Philadelphia Media Network, emphasized: “Focusing on increasing reader digital engagement and refining our onboarding journey for new subscribers are critical to the long-term success of our digital subscriber growth and retention plans.”


For more information, go to www.megaconference.com

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