Mather Economics and MPP Global partners on eSuite platform

February 24, 2022

MPP Global Integrates Mather Economics’ Targeted Market Based Pricing to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value & Minimize Subscriber Losses

MPP Global, the technology company that helps publishers accelerate digital transformation and drive recurring revenue, has joined forces with Mather Economics, a global leader in subscription management data analytics, to offer an integrated solution that allows publishers to implement sophisticated pricing strategies within the eSuite platform.

The combination of MPP Global’s specialist publishing tools and Mather Economics’ consultative services delivers insights and support based on their clients’ complex analytics challenges and business focus. Together, the solution drives significant reductions in customer churn and increases in customer lifetime value compared with standard subscription pricing strategies.




The pricing program is verified using continuous A/B testing of the predictive pricing analytics that enables real-time insight into customer’s response to pricing changes. The pricing strategy is similar to yield management approaches used by many industries but is focused on recurring customer relationships such as subscriptions or memberships.

Ruth Bickerton, VP, Global Channel & Strategic Alliances for Publishing at MPP Global, said, “We’re excited to launch this strategic alliance with Mather Economics, a strong and trusted brand within the publishing industry. Together, we can offer publishers a powerful toolkit that enables predictive data analytics to drive acquisition, offering analytical based individual renewal pricing and creating pricing rules – all delivered via the eSuite platform. The result will drive our client’s recurring revenue, increase subscriptions, maximize customer lifetime value, reduce churn and ultimately drive a more targeted experience for the customer”.”    

In addition, the partnership offers clients the ability to develop fact-based strategies, implement new pricing strategies with analytics-as-a-service offerings​ that boost client capabilities – delivering recommendations supported by knowledge of best practices, ​benchmarks, and the latest in publishing thought leadership. MPP Global’s eSuite solution is a fully integrated subscription management platform providing the speed and agility to deploy innovative subscription models, reducing time-to-market and total cost-of-ownership.

Matt Lindsay, President, Mather Economics said, “We’re delighted to be working with MPP Global, there are many synergies in our businesses models and at Mather Economics we believe that renewal price management is a key driver for publishers – the eSuite solution generates revenue by offering innovative analytical pricing to our client base and that partnership also expands our footprint into other subscription industries”.

Perhaps surprisingly, some publishers are still using legacy subscription technology, limiting their growth ambitions. With eSuite, MPP Global and Mather Economics unlock the flexibility and technological sophistication to deliver a more targeted experience for the customer. Propensity-based pricing for publishing clients enables them to integrate pricing and automated subscription management to offer true digital transformation.​ eSuite powers this transformation throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle, arming publishers with the tools to optimize acquisition, revenue and retention.

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MPP Global, an Aptitude Software company, partners with publishers to accelerate digital transformation and drive recurring revenue through enterprise subscription and billing management for both printed and digital content. eSuite is a fully integrated subscription management platform which provides the speed and agility to deploy innovative subscription models, reducing time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership.

eSuite powers the entire subscriber lifecycle, arming publishers with the flexibility to optimise acquisition, revenue and retention. Our best-of-breed tools enable publishers to simplify the complexities of creating and optimising omnichannel bundles, promotions and price plans to maximise reader revenues, while generating extensive data insights to shape growth strategies.

MPP Global provides mission-critical services for publishing clients around the globe including McClatchy, Amaury Group (L’Équipe), JFM, DMG Media, Irish Times, News UK, Racing Post and Torstar. For more information about MPP Global, please visit




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