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Digital Subscription Benchmarks during COVID-19 Pandemic

Trends that help publishers acquire and retain digital subscribers

User engagement, environment are key inputs driving propensity to subscribe

Subscriber Yield Management Grows Long-Term Consumer Revenue

Price elasticity tests yield revenue opportunities for publishers

Case studies in reader revenue, subscriptions, data highlight industry transformation

Volunteering with the CAC

What is the market solution for content revenue sharing?

Where should analytics live within a media organization?

Subscription Pricing: 3 key industry questions

Apple News+ Dilemma Stalking Big Media

Getting to know your audience: Introducing mobile app subscription analytics

Performance metrics help news brands, employees

There’s NO competition: Listener™ closes the gap between Data, Insights and Action

Content that converts subscribers is not necessarily what will retain them long term

Build a Successful Propensity Model to Grow Revenue

Why Core Audience Relationships Should be a KPI for Media Companies

4 steps for implementing data in the subscription process

INMA Consumer Engagement Summit – November 2018

A unique perspective of your website through the eyes of a hiker

Where in the world is Bob Terzotis?

Maximizing Audience Revenue while Minimizing Advertising Loss

New publishers rethink premium day practices

Adversity means innovative revenue trials for global media companies – June 2018

7 things publishers should be doing to transition their businesses – June 2018

News product innovation, data-based acquisition strategies transform media industry – April 2018

What is the value of a digital subscriber? – April 2018

Overcoming paid content challenges with mass personalisation – March 2018

Future of news media: content, advertising personalisation – February 2018

How customer lifetime value equals more digital revenue – November 2017

Using data to determine audience price points, increase reader revenue – October 2017

Listening to readers involves personal interaction + data – September 2017

6 techniques to understand your media customer’s needs – August 2017

Trade-offs between personal data privacy, customer analytics – August 2017

6 questions to ask when growing revenue using analytics – July 2017

Market-based pricing boosts yield, protects vulnerable subscribers – July 2017

The audience-newspaper relationship: Don’t break up over money – June 2017

How NRC, Newsday invested in current readers without going bankrupt – June 2017

How NRC reconfigured its subscription sales model – June 2017

Data, not gut feelings, should set price for new subscribers – May 2017

How to use Big Data (correctly) to bring in reader revenue – April 2017

Research shows ad-blocker link to higher reader engagement – April 2017

The publisher’s digital dilemma: balancing quality, profits – February 2017

Newsday data analytics boost subscriber retention – September 2016


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