Mather releases its Digital Audience Benchmarking Report

Mather Economics
May 6, 2021
Digital Audience Benchmarking Report

We will have over 200 publications in the report by the end of 2021
Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics


This past April, Mather Economics launched their quarterly Digital Audience Benchmark report.  Due to the high volume of inquiries from non-Mather clients, we want to present an abbreviated version. This report provides the industry much-needed benchmarks for digital audiences and digital subscriber acquisition.

Requests and Inquiries

Metrics and Benchmarks To Impact Your Bottom Line

This initial benchmark report includes data from over 70 publications, and additional publications are in the process of data collection. We will have over 200 publications in the report by the end of 2021.  We have added insights throughout the report that we hope will be helpful to you as you manage your digital audience and subscriber acquisition processes.

Benchmarks published in this report are industry-standard metrics for measuring the digital sales funnel, audience engagement, content performance, and subscription sales.  All data for these benchmarks come from Mather’s Listener Pixel, so data from participating publishers can be compared without inconsistencies in variable definitions or data processing methods. This report is a complement to our Subscriber Benchmarking report that is also published quarterly.  We welcome your feedback, so please reach out to us with questions on the metrics or suggestions on how to improve the report.

These benchmarks will be published quarterly.  If you would like to participate in this initiative, please contact









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