New Partner Relationship: Mather and MMP Global

Mather Economics has partnered with MMP Global

MPP Global delivers the only fully integrated cloud platform to identify, engage and monetize digital audiences. From metering and profiling to promotions, payments, subscriptions, and analytics, eSuite powers organizations to extract maximum value from their content and embrace monetization opportunities prevalent in today’s digital landscape.

Founded in 2000, with offices throughout Europe, U.S., South America, and Australia, MPP Global has an impressive track record of helping companies create successful business models.

Clients include Sky, The Times, McClatchy, The Football League, L’Equipe, Racing Post, Daily Mail, Local Media Group, New Zealand Herald, Debenhams, Philips and The Irish Times.

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How can you continue to grow subscription revenues once initial acquisition growth has stalled?
We’ve teamed up with MPP Global to show you a deep-dive into tactics that will grow engaging video experiences for your existing OTT customers that will maximize ARPU and CLTV.
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Analyzing data is crucial to making informed decisions. Working with a US publisher to improve circulation revenue by 8.7% over a nine month period is testament to the value of high quality insight. Checkout MPP Global’s latest playbook around revenue optimization, with a little feature on Mather Economics.


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