Pricing Strategies to Maximize Growth & Retention


Pricing Strategies to Maximize Growth & Retention

Following the subscription boom over the last few years, publishers are now faced with the challenge of maximizing revenue while retaining those customers.

Pricing is a key component in the decision for a customer to remain a subscriber, but rigid price points across a subscriber base do not allow a publisher to maximize revenue & retain their most valuable customers. Inflexible pricing can lead to a higher churn rate and increased costs of acquisition.

During this podcast Jeff Spies, Head of Subscription Management at Aptitude SoftwareMatt Lindsay, President at Mather Economics, will discuss pricing strategies that will help publishers find their ‘sweet spot’ with pricing and reduce their reliance on acquisition, to drive revenue growth.

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  • How can a publisher decide on the correct price point?
  • What is price elasticity?
  • What are the different types of pricing strategies?
  • How can you bundle print and digital subscriptions with customized pricing?
  • How can you combine pricing promotions with flexible products?
  • What is dynamic pricing and how can it maximize and grow revenue?

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