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I mentioned last week my interest in the emergence of “Live Journalism” as a model for TV and digital news organizations covering breaking and developing news stories, as well as live events in entertainment and sports verticals.

I have heard from a number of you that this is a model your news organizations are adopting as TV News and Digital News outlets compete for the same audiences during big stories. The importance of keeping audiences engaged and then finding ways to convert them into loyal viewers and readers is becoming a top priority for news organizations of all kinds.

It is interesting to see CNN now move away from “hyping” breaking news while at the same time looking for ways to beef up its digital coverage post CNN+ to provide them more ways to keep audiences engaged during big stories. It seems this is a move towards highlighting, perhaps even “hyping,” the journalism that they do to create a deeper relationship with their audience, even if they don’t have a subscription model anymore.

As I mentioned before, we have now launched the “Mather: Strategies” consultancy service to support media organizations that are moving to the “digital transformation 2.0” stage of their development and aligning their technology, content and newsroom strategy to optimize for consumer revenue.

We are about to announce some very big additions to our strategic consultancy team and will be expanding our work with newspapers and magazines to include other kinds of media and even non media businesses. Stay tuned!!

Always let me know on Twitter if you spot any #MediaRevenue stories I may have missed. If you have any questions or comments about these updates, please get in touch. David’s LinkedIn.

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