By Matthew Lulay, Managing Director and Jon Gubler, Manager September 2021  |  3 min read DOWNLOAD BRIEF Earlier this year, we debuted our Depletion Optimization Tool, which has since been … Read more

By Matthew Lulay, Managing Director of Digital Services August 2021  |  4 min read DOWNLOAD BRIEF SUMMARY: The growth in digital subscriptions is encouraging, however the revenue contribution from print subscriptions … Read more

May 2021 By Nathan Hart, Senior Consultant DOWNLOAD CONTENT Metrics that Matter: Quantifying the Right KPIs to Measure Campaign Effectiveness Wineries leverage marketing campaigns to help retain current club members … Read more

By Matt Lindsay  and Matthew Lulay |  12 April 2021 INMA Satisfying Audiences Blog Subscription yield management, which includes pricing strategy as well as tactics related to audience revenue growth, … Read more

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