Digital transformation has increasingly changed the sports industry. Adapting to customer needs and expectations, as the industry has been shifting with the introduction of new technologies, has been challenging to keep up with. Mather’s understanding of customer engagement and trends in user behavior through data analytics, provides and advancement when building optimal pricing strategies and improving business performance. Our multidisciplinary team understands every area of an organization and the process to successfully develop a digital business plan.

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Meet the experts
Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
Ian Fitton, MS
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Luke Boutwell, Ph.D.
Director, Analytics
Madelin Zwingelberg
Director, Analytics
"We're extremely pleased with the performance and results being driven by Listener and associated data analytics tools. The Mather team has clearly leveraged their vast industry experience and insights to develop a product and tools that are critical to our success. And, as always, their responsiveness to our needs, support, and engagement are without peer"
Chris Blaser
Vice-President, Audience and Circulation,
Las Vegas Review-Journal
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