Mather is a global leader in subscription management and customer data analytics. We provide turn-key analytics services that solve complex problems for our clients. Our unique value proposition enables fast, economical, and verifiable return on investment through our efficient application of predictive analytics, A/B testing, and data science.
We’re excited to share the news that Mather Economics acquired Sophi Inc. With this acquisition, the breadth of Mather’s capabilities (advisory, managed services, and technology) combines with the depth of Sophi’s products (paywall and content automation software) to provide a full suite of products to deliver on customers’ most urgent business transformation needs. Learn more here.

We help our clients serve millions of subscribers all over the world

Mather helps develop fact-based strategies with our clients, and we help implement those strategies with analytics-as-a-service offerings that augment our client’s capabilities. Our recommendations are supported by our knowledge of best practices, benchmarks, and the latest thought leadership.

Are you making the most of your data?

By partnering with Mather you can:

  • Personalize customer communications
  • Understand your most price-sensitive customers
  • Experiment with new acquisition offers, retention campaigns, pricing strategies
  • Identify the customers that are most likely to stop their service

Optimize your data. We’re here to help.

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