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Mather's 6th annual Reader Revenue Symposium recap

Every year we strive to make the Mather's Reader Revenue Symposium more exciting, more relevant and more valuable for those who attend. After 6 years, we believe we accomplished just that! Over 16 countries were represented, including Australia, United States, South Korea, New Zealand and most of Europe. It was a packed room, filled with over 125 professionals seeking for the "light bulb" moment of how to grow reader revenue.

Click link for a brief recap from our speaker session and key takeaways. Main topics included consumer revenue, business model diversification, improving the digital product value proposition and aligning the organization around strategic objectives.



Mather Economics can help you build and maintain stronger and more profitable long-term relationships with both your print and digital subscribers and advertisers.


Mather Economics can grow your retail revenue streams with econometric insights and actionable strategies designed to maximize yield from your inventory.


Mather Economics can help your financial services company maximize business performance by transforming data into a custom analytics solution that fits your needs.


Mather Economics can help you better understand your customers by using data to reveal what is driving engagement, purchase behavior, campaign success, and more.


Mather Economics can help your healthcare organization grow revenue by gleaning critical insights from existing operational, administrative and patient-related data.


Using well-established economic and analytical methods, Mather Economics can provide independent, defensible estimates of the costs and benefits of environmental projects.


Mather Economics can help your telecommunications company use data to improve business performance by delivering a customer analytics solution that fits your needs.

Lottery & Gaming

Mather Economics can leverage econometric techniques to help lotteries improve profitability through payout level and prize structure optimization, retailer segmentation, and inventory management.


Mather Economics can leverage data to create actionable solutions driven by predictive modeling and validated by A/B testing to improve your bottom line.


The digital transformation of customer interaction and relationships has created a need for new data capture and analytics technologies and approaches. We have developed a toolset for digital customer analytics called Listener™ that combines data from multiple digital sources into a single holistic customer record. Analytics and reporting modules then utilize the data to implement value-adding campaigns.


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