Market Based Pricing (MBP) is a targeted subscription renewal pricing program that maximizes customer lifetime value while minimizing potential subscriber losses. The pricing strategy is analogous to yield management approaches used by many industries but focused on recurring customer relationships such as subscriptions or memberships.

Mather’s MBP program benefit is the significant reduction in customer churn compared with standard subscription pricing strategies. Our success with the pricing program is verified using continuous A/B testing of the predictive pricing analytics that enables real-time insight into your customer’s response to pricing changes.

Achieve higher returns and transform your customer relationships
Identify long-term profit maximizing strategies for your organization
Optimize customer experiences to increase loyalty and returns

Build customer-focused strategies that decrease overall customer churn

Meet the experts
Madelin Zwingelberg
Director, Analytics
Dustin Tetley
Vice President, Operations and Data Science
Russell Ramtahal, MS
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Peter Doucette
Senior Managing Director, Strategy
Liesbeth Nizet
Managing Director, Europe
“We learned that if you really want to increase your price, you should look for a helping hand, because it’s not a simple job.”
Koen Meeusen,
Director Reader Revenue,
Mediahuis Belgium
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