The retail world has constantly shifted over the years. Adapting to different changes became a priority to continue expanding an organization. Digital disruption is the challenge all retail companies are facing in the modern world. Understanding customer behavior and competitive threats in the digital world has become specifically important for companies that want to grow their business. Mather Economics’ insights and expertise allow to build a firm understanding on customer analytics and how they impact all areas of each organization. Our econometric techniques and actionable strategies can help with optimal pricing models that ultimately will grow revenue streams and provide business growth.

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Meet the experts
Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
Arvid Tchivzhel
Senior Vice President, Product
Dustin Tetley
Vice President, Operations and Data Science
Katherine Ruane, MS
Senior Manager, Product
"Without data and insights from Mather Economics, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle for modern journalism, which may handicap your chances for success"
Mark Francescutti Director,
Digital Marketing Operations and Engagement
The Dallas Morning News
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