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    Why Mather Economics?

    Strategic Leadership

    For 20 years, Mather has offered its expertise to a multitude of organizations around the world. We consider our clients to be our top priority – finding creative solutions for their business challenges. Our holistic approach to solving these challenges allows us to deeply analyze and advice towards the best course of action that can provide the greatest results for our clients.

    Applied Analytics

    Operationalizing analytics is often the "last mile" that businesses struggle to solve and why many Big Data projects fail. Our team of dedicated data scientists and consultants provide expertise and guidance to make sure your investment deliver value. Go beyond dashboards and revolutionize your business.

    Managed Services

    Mather combines its multi-disciplinary analytical expertise with a guided management approach that guarantees our clients success when facing challenges, and effective responses towards their opportunities. We help them understand market trends, strategies and implementation through innovative paths.

    Connect with our Experts

    Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
    Arvid Tchivzhel
    Head of Data Science and ML Ops
    Madelin Zwingelberg
    Director, Analytics
    Dustin Tetley
    Vice President, Operations and Data Science
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