Sophi Print Automation

Working with the world's leading content management systems

Sophi offers an AI design engine that produces finished newspaper pages in minutes. All within your existing workflow and without needing human designers to touch the pages, saving you both time and money.

Placement optimization 

  • Sophi uses a content – driven  page layout, trained using your page design, built around your existing ad stack.  
  • We consider each article for each eligible spot, then place articles based on metadata available, plus penalties or bonuses based on your business rules. 
  • We can dial these terms in order to find a balance between the competing rules and priorities. 
  • Sophi’s part of the process takes 60 seconds, then your CMS provider sends you the print-ready PDF or InDesign file. 

Sophi Model Training 

Considers various page designs and layouts that are unique to your publication including eligibility for photo and ad positioning. 


Awards and Recognition

Digiday Media Awards 2021
Best Publisher Platform
Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2020
Best Digital News Start-Up

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