Empower your writers and editors with unparalleled analytics and decision tools. Mather’s analysis scores and tracks each article to determine impact on total digital revenue, acquisition, engagement, and retention. Aligning content producers, marketers, and revenue managers with how your most important value proposition can best be deployed at each stage of the customer funnel. Historical data also allows editors to take action on resource allocation and investment – knowing which articles led to a revenue outcome and which did not ensure the most important decisions are data-driven and not biased by legacy inertia. Not sure which articles should be free or premium? Let the economics of content make the recommendation and optimize your content mix.

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Katherine Ruane
Senior Manager, Product
Arvid Tchivzhel
Senior Vice President, Product
Nick Truitt, MS
Manager, Analytics
"In the end the numbers always hold the weight of truth and that is what Mather was able to do for us. They helped us use our data in a way we had not been, in order to pinpoint our most viable options."
Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
U.S. News Paper Publisher
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