The latest technological environment makes it challenging for the eCommerce and retail sectors to predict customer expectations. With the addition of new business models, digital firms are posing a strong competition in the market, making profitable growth more challenging. Mather Economics’ expertise can help understand what is driving customer engagement, purchase behavior, trends in user behavior and successful campaigns with the use of data and analytical tools. Ultimately, developing successful strategies that can address current challenges and expand future opportunities.

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Meet the experts
Arvid Tchivzhel
Senior Vice President, Product
Russell Ramtahal
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Caroline McEntire
Senior Manager, Analytics
Nathan Hart, MS
Manager, Analytics
"In the end the numbers always hold the weight of truth and that is what Mather was able to do for us. They helped us use our data in a way we had not been, in order to pinpoint our most viable options."
Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
U.S. News Paper Publisher
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