Too many data projects get bogged down with the data. With the Listener™ Data Platform, you can spend less time worrying about building the perfect dataset and more time focusing on how to grow revenue.

Mather’s team of data scientists apply machine learning techniques to determine churn probability, acquisition propensity, content preferences, and dozens of other user attributes to tease out addressable signals to inform your marketing campaigns. Our experienced staff of consultants partner with your organization to provide weekly recommendations, regular insights on your audience, and review A/B testing performance reports. Through our test+learn approach, audience analytics becomes a part of your organization’s DNA. Identify your opportunities and act with Listener™.

Personalize your customer experiences to maximize returns
Optimize your content mix and increase revenue with Listener
Explore Listener's analytics to transform your audience strategies
Meet the experts
Arvid Tchivzhel
Senior Vice President, Product
Katherine Ruane
Senior Manager, Product
Nick Truitt, MS
Manager, Analytics
"Without data and insights from Mather Economics, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle for modern journalism, which may handicap your chances for success"
Mark Francescutti Director,
Digital Marketing Operations and Engagement
The Dallas Morning News
Optimize your data. We’re here to help.

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