Over the past decade, publishers and magazines have experienced increasing digital and online disruptions. Adapting and transforming your business model to incorporate these changes is key to progress and grow within the industry. Mather Economics has over 20 years of experience working with media companies of all sizes. We were innovators of online subscription models and we continue to do so by understanding the specific attributes of your value chain, and ultimately, your customers. We provide data and analytical tools that can create thriving business strategies to greatly impact our clients.

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Meet the experts
Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
Arvid Tchivzhel
Senior Vice President, Product
Dustin Tetley, MS
Vice President, Operations and Data Science
Madelin Zwingelberg
Director, Analytics
Peter Doucette
Senior Managing Director, Strategy
Liesbeth Nizet
Managing Director, Europe

Mather helped us develop a strategy and tactical roadmap focused on digital subscription growth and balancing reader and advertising revenue. We created concrete targets and KPIs based on data, media expertise, and benchmarks to maximize revenue.

Peter Thiers, Strategic Media Advisor
Roularta Media Group

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