Churn models calculate the likelihood that an individual will discontinue services due to a specific event.

Mather’s successful retention initiatives are driven by churn scores that target individual subscribers, are measured accurately (A/B tests, metrics reporting), have earlier intervention and are emphasized on thoughtful copy and creatives that showcases the customer relationship and service’s value proposition.

Achieve higher returns and transform your customer relationships
Identify long-term profit maximizing strategies for your organization
Optimize customer experiences to increase loyalty and returns

Build customer-focused strategies that decrease overall customer churn

Meet the experts
Luke Boutwell, Ph.D.
Director, Analytics
Ian Fitton
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Caroline McEntire
Manager, Analytics
Peter Doucette
Senior Managing Director, Strategy
"Working with Mather Economics on subscriber revenue forecasting has proven to be especially effective in improving Le Monde's business strategy. The experience and dexterity of their teams on the topic coupled with their great knowledge of the US and European markets convinced us of the benefits of their solution to build a stronger business strategy."
Lou Grasser,
Head of Innovative Subscriptions
Le Monde
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