Acquisition analysis identifies customers most likely to accept a subscription offer. This analysis can also identify the offer characteristics most important to specific customer segments.

A propensity to subscribe metric can be assigned to every non-subscriber or acquisition offer. Mather’s metrics approach can be used to establish an excellent analytical framework for evaluating customer relationships and quantifying strategic options for customer-relationship management.

Achieve higher returns and transform your customer relationships
Identify long-term profit maximizing strategies for your organization
Optimize customer experiences to increase loyalty and returns

Build customer-focused strategies that decrease overall customer churn

Meet the experts
Madelin Zwingelberg
Director, Analytics
Ian Fitton
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Dustin Tetley
Vice President, Operations and Data Science
Peter Doucette
Senior Managing Director, Strategy
"We're extremely pleased with the performance and results being driven by Listener and associated data analytics tools. The Mather team has clearly leveraged their vast industry experience and insights to develop a product and tools that are critical to our success. And, as always, their responsiveness to our needs, support, and engagement are without peer"
Chris Blaser
Vice-President, Audience and Circulation,
Las Vegas Review-Journal
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