Listener™: Your intelligent data platform

Companies have two major gaps that prevent successful digital transformation: gathering high quality data and acting on key findings. Operationalizing analytics is often the "last mile" that businesses struggle to solve and why many Big Data projects fail.

Listener, Mather’s intelligent data platform, addresses these gaps and supports companies seeking to grow their bottom-line from advanced analytics. Our technology-enabled consultants translate the data into insights and actions, helping advanced analytics become a part of your company's DNA.

Our clients have turned static paywalls into Intelligent Paywalls, built data-driven email triggers, and served first party data to advertisers. Take action on your data and measure the success with new customers, retained subscribers, and revenue growth.

See how Listener impacts every stage of the customer lifecycle
See how Listener analyzes content to optimize revenue and content mix

See how Listener grows audience engagement and impacts the bottom-line

"We're extremely pleased with the performance and results being driven by Listener and associated data analytics tools. The Mather team has clearly leveraged their vast industry experience and insights to develop a product and tools that are critical to our success. And, as always, their responsiveness to our needs, support, and engagement are without peer"
Chris Blaser
Vice-President, Audience and Circulation,
Las Vegas Review-Journal
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