Mather’s econometric expertise and industry experience helps lotteries improve profitability through payout level and prize structure optimization, retailer segmentation, and inventory management.

Our team leverages econometric techniques to calculate a profit-maximizing payout level for instant games and the right mix of prize tiers within a game. We also identify the forces driving sales and quantify the impact of each of those drivers and help reduce sellouts and returns by providing an accurate forecast of tickets sales.

Dive deeper into Mather's analytical expertise for ecosystem restoration and conservation
Improve profitability through the payout level and identify driving sales forces for your organization
Optimize your subscription services to increase your organization's online performance
Build customer-focused campaigns to maximize sales
Align your advertising inventory sales to create organizational growth
Meet the experts
Matt Lindsay, Ph.D.
Madelin Zwingelberg
Director, Analytics
Ian Fitton
Senior Manager, Operations and Data Science
Caroline McEntire
Senior Manager, Analytics
"In the end the numbers always hold the weight of truth and that is what Mather was able to do for us. They helped us use our data in a way we had not been, in order to pinpoint our most viable options."
Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
U.S. News Paper Publisher
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