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Mather has the resources and experience to develop and implement revenue maximizing initiatives that fit your specific retail needs. Econometric modeling, forecasting, and technical expertise are all employed to determine and execute the ideal strategy for your business.

Market-Based Pricing

Mather’s Market-Based Pricing uses econometric approaches to develop optimized price points across your retail inventory. Using your data, we will determine which factors influence the price of your products. With that insight, we can employ predictive analytics for pricing suggestions designed to optimize revenue yield.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer loyalty and repeat business are foundations of success in the retail sector. With Mather’s Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), we can estimate the dollar value of each customer’s loyalty. With CLV we can not only estimate the profitability of a customer, but we can also look at the characteristics leading to high profitability and determine approaches to foster increased profitability from customers lower on the CLV spectrum.


Customer loyalty and retention are paramount in the retail industry. Our Churn product allows you to predict which customers are at risk of reduced patronage. Determining the factors leading to reduced customer engagement allows our team of experts to identify specific at-risk customers, which in turn gives retailers the opportunity to re-engage the customer through appropriate means (discounts, gift cards, etc.).

Revenue Forecasting

Mather’s Revenue Forecasting products give retailers the tools to accurately predict revenues based on a variety of inputs. Our forecasting tools take a “bottom-up” approach based on low-level details, which then lead to high-level revenue estimates. This allows for scenario manipulation, which allows the retailer to see the impact associated with changing inputs.


Disengaged customers can be a new source of revenue with Mather’s reacquisition products. Using detailed data and econometric techniques, we can identify which customers are and are not worth re-engaging, saving you valuable time and resources.


Your retail website traffic offers a wealth of information. Listener™ helps you make the most of it by capturing data that provide insights into customer behavior and the means to capitalize on those insights. With Listener, detailed data are kept on all users which provides retailers with the information necessary to target customers through a variety of mediums. These data can inform email campaigns, ad campaigns, modal windows, and other means of customer communication, all of which can be tailored to target individual users.

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