Brandon Williams

Senior Manager, Operations and Quality Assurance

Brandon works with our team of economists and data scientists to ensure that our core processes operate efficiently, effectively, and accurately. Via automation and operations team oversight, Brandon ensures that the “trains leave the station on time” so that our clients receive data-driven insights in the most timely manner. His quality assurance measures certify that client data is correctly interpreted and manipulated, ensuring that our recommendations are based on the best information available for the highest level of accuracy. In previous roles with Mather Economics, Brandon worked closely with clients across North America and Europe, developing strategies for revenue optimization and subscriber-base management. His solutions enabled his clients to meet budgetary goals, lower subscriber churn, and run more effective targeted acquisition campaigns.

Brandon holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Georgia College and State University.

What is your favorite thing about your career?

Flexibility and freedom! My career at Mather has allowed me to wear as many hats as I want. I have designed pricing strategies for small newspapers as well as multinational, publicly traded enterprises. I have conducted research, lead recruiting programs, learned new coding languages, and furthered my knowledge of applied economics. It is very rewarding to be supported – and encouraged – by Mather to try new things and find my niche!

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?

Fine arts education has always been close to my heart. Attending a fine arts magnet school from 8th-12th grade showed me how important it is for one to be well-rounded – not just to focus on coursework, but also to play an instrument, build a stage set, or practice painting and photography. Doing so opens a student’s mind to a more creative style of thinking that bolsters their abilities in many facets of their life.

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