Audience Package Premium: First-Party Data
U.S. Publisher

Identify audiences that are more likely to purchase hockey tickets for a local advertiser – an NHL team

  • Using audience and PII data from Publisher and advertiser to match to audience database to identify overlap- 200K subscribers and 140K ticket buyers
  • Built a predictive model to identify offline and online ‘lookalikes’ from which to launch a multi-channel campaign– also applied modeling to anonymous users
  • Created 6 custom segments loaded into Google DFP ad server by syncing cookies.
  • A/B test was implemented through DFP to test custom segment against a non-targeted run-of-site campaign, both with an equal volume of impressions.
  • Advertiser identified gaps in their data and creative strategy
  • Advertiser openly speaking to local media consortium on the uniqueness/ value of this program
  • Initial results from targeted advertising campaign have shown a 15 to 20% increase in engagement over comparable ad sizes, and a 9 to 1 and 18 to 1 ROI in SEO and Display campaigns, respectively.
  • Unrelated to this project:
    • Blue Jackets helped Publisher win back an auto dealer’s advertising that resulted in a 6-figure sale by the local sales team
    • The auto advertiser also bought inventory in the print paper after years of not advertising after they saw the type of first party data available

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