Capture and Analysis of e-Commerce sales data
Large Broad-Based Business Advocacy Group

To capture data on customer online activity and purchase behavior and analyze that data to identify customer segments, provide ongoing performance reporting, and deliver analytics consulting services.


Using our digital data capture platform, Listener, Mather Economics captured online data from the California Chamber of Commerce e-commerce store and additional site pages. This data was then linked to offline data to supply a holistic view of customers on the site as well as historical purchase behavior data.


Mather Economics was able to provide custom reporting modules to fulfill the needs of the client. The information supplied to the client included year-over-year trends for revenue, new accounts and products purchased.  Mather was able to provide insight on what sources or site activities most users chose prior to creating an account, the trends of first time purchases and the impact of new purchases on revenue.  Dashboard information focused on membership retention for separate customer tenure cohorts, performance metrics for customer segements, and site activity.

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