Cart Abandonment (Audience Package)
Large U.S Publisher

To target online and offline users who are top prospects for digital subscription offers.

  • Listener tags track engaged users throughout the conversion funnel, including those who do not complete a subscription order. Captured data includes: email, billing address, subscription preference, other (if entered).
  • Mather applied two strategies to those who abandoned their subscription orders:
    • Online Retargeting: Users who encountered the paywall and did not convert were integrated into Krux (DMP) and served ad impressions with targeted offers to subscribe.
    • Email Retargeting: Users who entered their email address, we attached their engagement history and content preference (in an automated process) and provided data to client to execute automated email campaigns to trigger off our list to email users directly with subscription offers.
  • Modeling projects conversion of 300 cart abandoners per month at a rate of 13%– half the conversion rate of those who reached the billing/email step at a price of $3.00 per week and retention of 70% for an incremental 8% lift in new start volume for the client and about $40K in new start revenue
  • Online modeling of similar inputs to the 700K users who hit the paywall and don’t convert projected to convert at 0.01% is a 16% lift in new start volume and about $75K in new start revenue
  • We are currently observing campaign data to measure results
  • This is a tactic used heavily in other industries to help increase purchases from high-propensity buyers

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