Churn Analysis - Payment Review to Improve Call Center Effectiveness
U.S. Publisher

A large US publisher wanted to improve the effectiveness of its call center retention initiatives.


Mather Economics leveraged historical payment data to create profiles at the subscriber level.  Based on those profiles, Mather could generate lists of subscribers that had met certain conditions, including having fallen outside of normal historical payment range. These lists were then sent to the market’s call center to make live retention calls.


The targeted call center list generation campaign has resulted in a significant increase in year-over-year pay-through rates.  On average, since December of 2015, an improvement in pay-through rates of 3.2% has been observed, with the greatest improvement to date observed in the most recent full month of data in March of 2016 at 6.5%.  The pay-through metric is a measure of the percentage of total expirations that have made payment within the market’s grace period. The market that conducted this initiative is also beginning to test a follow up robocall for those subs that did not respond to the initial live call.

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