How Registration Walls Impact Subscriber Growth
North American U.S. Publisher

A small North American publisher implemented a registration wall to grow known users and develop the subscription funnel.

  • Mather advised the publisher on best practices around registration wall implementation, monitored the data capture, and provided dashboard reporting.
  • The publisher applied the registration call-to-action to readers on their 2nd article attempt, initially offering a free trial for a 30-day period in exchange for registration with a valid email address.
  • 3 months post-launch, the publisher dialed this back to offer one additional article.

The registration wall meter was scheduled to reset for each user after 45 days.

  • Within 12 months, monthly active digital-only subscribers* grew by 60% and known users** increased more than fivefold.
  • An average registration rate of 3.14% (registrations/unique registration modals) was observed over the life of the registration wall.
  • The registration rate remained stable during the life of the registration wall.
  • As expected, the decline in paywall modals and conversions were offset by conversion performance in other channels. Average monthly conversions increased by 199%.

Figure 1: Growth in Active Known – Registered Users

Figure 2: Cumulative Registration & KPI Impacts (% Change)


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