Wine Club Reacquisition Campaigns
Winery located in Paso Robles, CA, USA

Test the effectiveness of several marketing efforts in  reacquiring former club members against a business-as-usual control group.

  • Mather ingested several years of sales and wine club history directly from Wine Direct.
  • A statistical model was estimated to segment former wine club members for propensity to rejoin.
  • Mather worked with the winery to design high quality marketing pieces highlighting the value of the club membership.
  • Statistically representative test groups were identified for use in testing the effectiveness of several communication channels (email, direct mail, email+direct mail combination).

The combined reacquisition rate of those that received one of the incremental communications was 1.84% compared to the business-as-usual control group rate of 1.29%, for an improvement of 43%.

The groups that received a direct mail post card and a follow up email performed particularly well. 

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